organic compound

organic compound
any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
Hypernyms: ↑compound, ↑chemical compound
aldehyde, ↑aliphatic compound, ↑alkylbenzene, ↑alkyl halide, ↑haloalkane, ↑amino acid, ↑aminoalkanoic acid, ↑diamine, ↑enol, ↑halon, ↑peptone, ↑quaternary ammonium compound, ↑proenzyme, ↑zymogen, ↑propylthiouracil, ↑ether, ↑acetal, ↑aldol, ↑aldehyde-alcohol, ↑alkaloid, ↑amide, ↑rennet, ↑azadirachtin, ↑thiazine, ↑cacodyl, ↑tetramethyldiarsine, ↑neurochemical, ↑acyl anhydrides, ↑acid anhydrides, ↑acyl halide, ↑acid halide, ↑creosote, ↑coal-tar creosote, ↑nitrile, ↑nitril, ↑cyanide, ↑cyanohydrin, ↑ester, ↑furan, ↑furane, ↑furfuran, ↑glycoside, ↑resin, ↑rosin, ↑halocarbon, ↑hemiacetal, ↑hemolysin, ↑haemolysin, ↑erythrolysin, ↑erythrocytolysin, ↑humic substance, ↑hydrocarbon, ↑ketone, ↑macromolecule, ↑supermolecule, ↑nitrobenzene, ↑oxime, ↑petrochemical, ↑phosphocreatine, ↑creatine phosphate, ↑creatine phosphoric acid, ↑phenol, ↑pyrimidine, ↑quassia, ↑steroid, ↑nonsteroid, ↑nonsteroidal, ↑thiouracil, ↑urea, ↑carbamide, ↑imide, ↑xanthine

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